Awards & Publications


2013 - How We Love Our Parents included in The Bloomsbury Anthology of Jewish American Poets
2013 - Detroit, included in Michigan in Poetry in Michigan  (New Issues Press)


Anger                                                                                         Pebble Lake Review, Winter 2005

The Love Poems Of Anne Sexton                                              Driftwood, Issue 8, Spring 2005

Another Field                                                                            The Litchfield Review,  April 2005

Yes It’s A Love Poem                                                                 Lilliput Review, October 2005

Eve                                                                                             Swallow The Moon, Issue 1, Spring 2005

The Arboretum                                                                          Swallow The Moon, Issue 1, Spring 2005

And Then This                                                                           Swallow The Moon, Issue 1, Spring 2005

How We Love Our Parents                                                       Swallow The Moon, Issue 1, Spring 2005

She Actually Became my Friend                                               Swallow The Moon, Issue 2, Spring 2006

Welfare In America                                                                   Swallow The Moon, Issue 2, Spring 2006

The Day Before She Died                                                         Swallow The Moon, Issue 2, Spring 2006

Fortune Cookie                                                                         Shadow Poetry-SP Quill Quarterly, 2006

Tucson                                                                                      The Litchfield Review,  Summer 2006

Walking Away                                                                          The Litchfield Review,  Summer 2006

Communion                                                                              The Litchfield Review,  Summer 2006

New Year In Florida                                                                 The Litchfield Review,  Summer 2006

The Language of Living                                                            The Litchfield Review,  Summer 2006

The Arb                                                                                     The Litchfield Review, Summer 2006

And Then This                                                                           The Litchfield Review, Summer 2006 

Trip To Cherokee                                                                      American Poetry Review, 2006

Fortune Cookie                                                                         SP Quill, Volume 11, 2006

A Lesson About Boys                                                                 Hazmat Review, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2007

A Bedouin Girl On a Hill In Israel                                            Driftwood Review 2008

The End of Sorrow                                                                     Poetry in performance 36, 2008 

Assisted Living                                                                           RATTLE,  Summer 2008

Capitalism South Carolina                                                        MARGIE The American Journal of Poetry,

                                                                                                                                          Volume 7, 2008

Row Boat                                                                                  Albatross, Issue 19, 2008

First Light                                                                                 New Verse News, 2008

A Bedouin Girl On a Hill in Israel                                            Driftwood, Number 9, 2008

Test Trials                                                                                 A & U Magazine, Issue 171, 2009

Postcard of Three Obese, Yet Confident Women…                  Poetry in Performance, issue 35, 2008

Detroit Rebirth                                                                         New York Quarterly, 2009

Genuine Artifical Nothing                                                        Symbolon, 2010

Father Gone                                                                             Speakeasy XIX, 2009

Spring                                                                                       Driftwood, Number 10 "Earth"

Decent                                                                                      The Dunes Review, 2010

Cement                                                                                     Ambassador Poetry Project, 2010

Popeye, Returns, You Left, At The Miami University               Renaissance City, Issue II, 2010

Key School, Domestic Violence, In My Family My Job Was   Controlled Burn, Volume XVI, Spring 2010

Another field                                                        Michigan Poets, 2010

A Canal In Southern Florida                                                         Driftwood, "Water" 2011

Review of The Ordinary                                                                 Red River Review, 2011

Truth Be Told                                                                                 Michigan Poets, 2011

Arthropod                                                                                      Third Wednesday, Summer 2011

For The Rain                                                                                  Third Wednesday, Summer 2011

Without                                                                                           The Montucky Review (online) Summer 2011


Assisted Living (a memoir)                                 The Orange Quarterly (0nline/audio) 2011 

Reader’s Write                                                     The Sun, April 2007 

Pushcart Nomination:

2013 - from The San Pedro River Review for the poem "Harbors"
2017 - from A & U Magazine  for "When the World Converted to Acronyms"

Contest Awards

Michigan Poetry Society -
     Margo LaGattua Memorial Prize     2016                  First Place Ind. Poem:  Burial
     Category "Family"                          2016                 First Place Ind. Poem: Lack Of Memory Floor

Chapbook: The Sling of Dappled Light                         Finalist Palettes and Quills Book Prize

Writer's Digest Annual Poetry Award, 2010                 6th Place, Jerusalem: At The Market                       

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, 2010                     Honorable Mention - Florida, 1969

Jane's Stories, 2010                                                        Honorable Mention - Akko Israel

Tom Howard Prize, 2009                                               Very Highly Recommended - Assisted Living

Paumanok Poetry Award, 2008                                      Semi-Finalist (Group of poems)

The Marjorie J. Wilson Award

              for Excellence in Poetry, 2008                                   Finalist – Capitalism South Carolina

Mandy Poetry Contest 2005                                                     Honorable Mention – Trip to Cherokee

The Litchfield Review Series Contest, 2006                            First Place -  poems based on

                                                                                                                       the journal of James Kerr

Walrus Press Poetry Contest, 2004                                           First Place – Welfare In America

Oakland Community College, 2001   (Prose Piece)                 First Place Essay - The Plural Form of Water





Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2002                                        Jim Daniels

Cranbrook Writers’ Guild, 2003                                             Laura Kasischke, Jim Daniels

Witness & Writing, 2002                                                        Matthew Sweeny, Tom Lynch

Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2003                                         Laura Kasischke

Bear River  Writer’s Conference, 2003                                  Bob Hicok, Donald Hall

Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2004                                        Allison Joseph                                                     

Cranbrook Writers’ Guild, 2004                                             Diane Suess

Witness & Writing, 2005                                                        Bruce Weigl, Jane McCafferty

Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2005                                         Laura Kasischke

Spring Fed Arts, Walloon                                                       Tom Lux

Cranbrook Writers’ Guild, 2006                                             J. Allyn Rosser

Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2006                                        Nancy Eimers

Ludington Weekend Conference, 2007                                  Nancy Eimers

Bear River Writer’s Conference, 2007                                   Bob Hicok

Far Field Retreat for Writers, 2007                                        Jack Ridl

Winter Heat, 2007                                                                  Gerry LaFemina

Bear River Writer’s Conference, 2008                                   Keith Taylor

Summer Sun, 2008                                                                 Mary Ann Samyn

Winter Heat, 2008                                                                  Gerry LaFemina

Holland Writer’s Retreat, 2008                                              Jack Ridl

West Coast Writers, 2009                                                       Jack Ridl

AWP Chicago, 2009

Bear River Writer's Conference, 2009                                   Thomas Lynch

Frostburg Center for Creative Writing (Nightsun)                Gerry LaFemina/Barbara Hurd 

Holland Writer's Retreat, 2009                                               Jack Ridl

Spring Heat, 2010                                                                   Gerry LaFemina/Jack Driscoll

Holland Writer's Retreat, 2010                                               Jack Ridl

Cape May, 2011                                                                     Stephen Dunn, Dorianne Laux

Spring Heat, 2011                                                                   Gerry LaFemina, Sylvia Wantanabe

Bear River, 2011                                                                     Fleda Brown

NightSun, 2011                                                                       Jim Daniels, Patricia Jebbeh Wesley 

Holland Writer's Retreat, 2011                                               Jack Ridl

One Day Workshop, 2011                                                      Stellasue Lee, Robert Fanning


SpringFed Arts Weekly Workshops, 2005-                                             Mary Jo Firth Gillett


Creative Writing Courses

Oakland Community College            Poetry                                               Peter Stine

Oakland Community College            Creative Writing                               Peter Stine

Oakland Community College            Adv. Creative Writing                      David James

Oakland University                          Poetry                                                 Gladys Cardiff

Oakland University                          Writing Tools                                     Maureen Dunphy

Oakland University Masters Course- Literary Kinds - Poetry                    Ed Hoeppner

Ashland University                           MFA Session I                                  Kathryn Winograd

Ashland University                           MFA Summer Residency                 Ruth Schwartz/Peter Campion  
Ashland University                           MFA Session II                                Angela Estes (Thesis Advisor)



Current Work         

               Common Ground - workshops for young adults and Parents of Murdered Children

                Oak Park Senior Center  Memoir Workshops

                Oakwood Hospital - Employee Writers 

               Writer-In-Residence, InsideOut Literary Arts Project (

               Instructor, Springfed Arts Detroit Working Writer   (

           Instructor, Oakland Community College Women's Conference '09, '10, '11, '12, '13
           Keynote Speaker - A Call To Wholeness Women's Conference



Oakland Community College:                                          Developmental English in-class tutor

                                                                                             Tutor of Political Science ASC

                                                                                             Tutor of English – TEAM Program
                                                                                    Instructor OCC Poetry Month Workshops- '07, '08, '09


Professional Certifications and Degrees

Associates Degree                                                                    Oakland Community College, 2000

Bachelor of Arts in English/History                                         Oakland University, 2005

CRLA Certification                                                                  College Reading and Learning Association Tutor, 2007

Master’s Degree                                                                       Some classes Masters in Literature
Master's Degree                                                                       Ashland University - Masters in Creative Writing



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